Valentine’s Day Order Form

We’ve been getting a ton of Valentine’s Day treat inquiries! (Did y’all know this is my favorite holiday!?) Here’s what’s on the menu this year:

(1) Valentine’s Mac Two-Pack: A two-pack of pink signature Macs, with a chocolate ganache filling. Packaged in pairs. One serving provided per package.

(2) Valentine’s Mini Tart: Our mini-layered tart with a pink chocolate mini Mac and festive pink shaded buttercream dollops. Packaged individually or as a set. Each mini tart serves one.

(3) Valentine’s Day French Macarons: This year’s Valentine’s Mac menu includes: Raspberry-Chocolate, Salted Caramel Brownie Batter, and Chocolate Dipped Strawberry. These Macs can be purchased by half dozen, dozen, or two dozen sizes.

(4) Valentine’s Heart Tart: Our signature layered heart cream tart with your choice mini macaron flavor(s), color scheme, and candy/chocolate toppings. This completely customizable dessert serves 6-8 servings and is packaged in a 12x12 box.

All Valentine’s speciality items can be picked up no earlier than 4:00 PM on the date you specify once your order is confirmed.

Completing this order form insures that your inquiry will be processed within 24-48 hours and you will be contacted via the email you provide below within that time frame.

We cannot wait to help you celebrate this year’s season of love!

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What day would you like these packs to be ready for?
All confirmed orders placed will be available for pick up AFTER 4:00 PM on the date you provide in this box.