Teacher Appreciation Order Form

For those who instill a love of learning and ignite imagination in our little ones, we’ve got a few treats!

(1) Teacher Two-Pack: A two-pack of our signature Macs, with our vanilla-almond filling. Packaged in pairs. One serving provided per package ($5.00)

(2) Teacher Mini Tart: Our mini-layered tart with a vanilla-almond mini Mac and festive buttercream dollops. Packaged individually. Each mini tart serves one ($5.00)

(3) Teacher Mac Seven-Pack: A seven-pack of our May Macs. These include our chocolate chip cookie dough, creme brûlée, and mimosa flavors ($25.00)

All Teacher Appreciation orders can be picked up no earlier than 4:00 PM on the date you specify once your order is confirmed.

Completing this order form insures that your inquiry will be processed within 24-48 hours and you will be contacted via the email you provide below within that time frame.

We cannot wait to help you celebrate this year’s season of love!

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What day would you like these packs to be ready for?
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