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Photo: Nicole Bell Photography

Photo: Nicole Bell Photography

Epicurus once said that all one needs to live a happy life is good friends, bread, wine, and an occasional slice of cheese. Had the macaron been available, surely he would have included it in his mélange of ingredients for a good life.

Born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, Heather Degeyter, creator of Bonne Vie Macarons, is a college English instructor turned macaron maker. In 2017, she launched her home-based macaron shop Bonne Vie Macarons, where she is able to experiment with interesting flavors and creative design daily. In May of 2018, mini-macaron topped cupcakes, layered tarts, and macaron pops were added to the ever growing menu of party options. 

With a macaron menu of nine standard flavors, and an additional monthly and seasonal flavors added monthly, Bonne Vie Macarons continually reinvents their flavor base to keep things interesting. Let Bonne Vie Macarons deliver great taste  for your next celebration - whether it be a birthday, holiday, bridal shower, or just because. We look forward to celebrating with you! 

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